IONOMO is an easy to use 3ds Max® plugin for the V-Ray render engine.
Our plugin provides authentic and render-ready high quality 3D human models in a variety of different outfits and poses, allowing easy and versatile integration in any kind of archviz scene. With our 3ds Max plugin you can easily browse and assemble individual styles and quickly populate your 3d scenes. We constantly enlarge our portfolio and add new models and features.



Easily extend 3ds Max with our free plugin and get started with our free models. If you need additional outfits or poses, browse through our collection and hand-pick your model.

  • Free Plugin
  • Free content for commercial use
  • Loyalty discounts
  • Promo Specials


Choose from countless poses and outfits. Each model comes with various styles and combinations.

  • 3 Characters: Steph, Maggie and Ben
  • 34 Outfits and 53 Poses
  • Storytelling models with props
  • Various accessories: shoes, glasses, …
  • Extras: skins, beards, …


No more waiting. Our 3D models are optimized for speed and ready-to-render.

  • Optimized for performance
  • SSS and None-SSS Skin Shader
  • All materials are V-Ray shaders
  • All models are V-Ray proxies for optimized memory management
  • All models are instanced geometry

Easy Integration

Quickly and easily bring life to your scene. Select your outfit, a pose and some accessories and at the tap of a button a high quality 3d model is generated and added to your scene.


Our Approach

Our models are captured from real life humans using a state of the art full body photogrammetry system consisting of 80 DSLR cameras producing high quality imagery. With meticulous attention to detail, they are then retopologized and then textured for photo-realistic rendering. Every piece of clothing worn by our 3d human models has been designed by hand especially for this purpose by our team of fashion designers. We believe that through this we can create models which can be used within numerous scenes and especially are capable of enriching the overall style and feel of a CGI project.


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